Rational irrigation and ferti-irrigation service

IoTerra is a rational irrigation service that provides a new "recipe" for irrigation, giving farmers reliable information on when and how to irrigate based on the data collected.

Traditional irrigation methods are essentially based on experience rather than on concrete facts, which in many cases leads to overirrigation or underirrigation of crops.

This leads to the leaching or loss of minerals from the soil, increasing the cost of production, decreasing crop yield, destroying the soil and above all leading to loss of profit for the farmer.

To maximize the effects of water on plant production, the irrigation program needs to be harmonized with crop requirements, soil properties, as well as current weather conditions and weather forecasts.

¿Cómo funciona IoTerra?

IoTerra es un servicio de riego racional que proporciona una “receta para el riego”dando a los agricultores información fiable sobre cuándo y cómo se debe regar en función de: mediciones de campo (humedad del suelo), las necesidades específicas de la planta, el tipo de suelo, el periodo de vegetación y el pronóstico del tiempo ( la precipitación pronosticada).

The specific water requirements for each type of plant during the growing period define the exact amount of water to be used for irrigation. The exact watering time depends on the water variables that are specific to each soil type and have to be defined prior to service.

By means of portable and autonomous devices of Internet of the Things, measurements of humidity of the ground, temperature of the ground, temperature of the air... up to 11 variables are made, all of them measured in real time.

A cloud-based infrastructure enables data storage, analysis and visualization, as well as weather forecasting for the area of interest. Combining agricultural experience and collected data, advanced algorithms create a recipe for irrigation that is presented on a web and mobile application in real time.

Temperature and rainfall forecasts play an important role in defining the exact irrigation time, thus avoiding watering at times when it is expected to rain, as well as delays when the temperature is high.

Characteristics of IOTERRA

Aumento del rendimiento

Count what the value is for the
of this feature.

Evita la lixiviación de los suelos

Avoid the destruction of soils

Aumento de los beneficios de la explotación

Optimisation of crop production costs

Disminución de costes e incremento de beneficios

Optimisation of crop production costs

Benefits of the IOTERRA system

Some examples

The following graph shows the benefits of our system applied to some types of crops, both in increasing harvested production and in decreasing ferti-irrigation.