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We develop the IoT software you need for your project 

Today, IoT hardware is everywhere; but the real value is in the software that allows its use. That's why we put all our effort into creating the best software for your IoT devices.

¿Qué hacemos?

Diseñamos las herramientas para el Internet de las Cosas que encajan a la perfección con sus necesidades. Nuestro objetivo es que las herramientas que desarrollemos sean útiles y eficaces a la hora de conectar sus sensores IoT y dispositivos con sus aplicaciones y soluciones de negocio.

The development of IoT technology is a complex field in which different portions contribute. Either with the aim of designing a device to warn of falls, an irrigation management system with control of solenoid valves by humidity or a mixed reality system for training in the use of fire extinguishers.

All these applications contain small embedded IoT devices, which use complex m2m communication protocols (machine to machine or machine to machine), large data volume managers on the server and a representation or application layer in which the user finds his data usefully.

Customized Information

Acquisition and representation

From the data of the IoT sensors we represent the information as it is needed.

Our Value Proposition

AlfaIOT proposes to you not to worry about all these technical questions, thanks to our acquired experience, we are able to use the IOT devices that you want, either ours or of third parties, to extract the data that generate value to you and to serve them in their final application, a complete solution free of worries.

Pensado para tu empresa

We adapt to your needs and carry out a baseline assessment in which we take into account the third party services you are already using to integrate the data into them, or we design your application from scratch, connecting it with our IOT platform, specially designed for optimizing calculations and obtaining intelligence from the data. 

Modular solutions

Our solutions are therefore modular and scalable from conception, so you can benefit from greater agility in its development, as well as a higher level of control, to be tested in all types of environments. 

A sample of the work done is our training system in mixed reality for the use of fire extinguishers. Our partner wanted a disruptive change in the way he offers training for extinguishing courses in working environments using fire extinguishers. Today, a large logistical structure is required to carry out the training work. This peculiarity also generates that the student, although he learns to use a fire extinguisher, his environment is so diffuse that it is not an experience that can be transferred to his daily life. For that reason we proposed a work whose objectives were precisely to overcome these problems.

A sensorization of the extinguisher was carried out, so that at all times we know the state of its use. On the other hand, an application was designed that can be used in any type of mobile device whatever its operating system. Once the user puts on the glasses, a fire is simulated in his usual work environment, so he has to go to the place where the extinguisher is in his office and extinguish the fire generated.

We control the use of the extinguisher, and we know for example if the user has removed the ring of seal, or if it exerts the appropriate pressure and the simulation of the fire reacts at all times to the actions of the user.

In this way we manage to solve the two problems raised, on the one hand, now the logistical means necessary to carry out the training are reduced to the trainer himself and a sensorized fire extinguisher, and on the other hand we exponentially raise the quality of training by developing in the real working environment of the professional, training him to solve problems in his own working environment.

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Success Stories

Todo reto que nos presentes, es para nosotros una oportunidad, de abrir nuevos horizontes y enfrentarnos a nuevos desafíos.