IoT Development / Custom Electronics

We develop the hardware you need for your projects

We design and develop custom devices that seamlessly fit our customers' needs. From equipment for locating dependents and the elderly to sensor systems for precision agriculture.

What do we do?

We are a device design and development company.
Podemos crear a medida los dispositivos que necesita para su proyecto. Nuestro objetivo es que los productos que desarrollemos sean útiles y eficaces a la hora de solucionar sus problemas.

En la actualidad existen numerosos dispositivos que se conectan a Internet, capaces de hablar entre ellos y con humanos. Sabemos las dificultades que conlleva entender todo este ecosistema y sacar rendimiento a todo este conocimiento generado. En AlfaIOT somos especialistas en moldear arquitecturas complejas y en cubrir todo tipo de necesidades de forma que convertimos tu idea en un producto que cubre por completo tus exigencias.

Our value proposition

AlfaIOT adds a high value to the electronic and productive design process by being able to select the components used especially in your project thanks to our close relationship with our suppliers. In addition, designing your device from scratch allows us to join forces in the areas of design and electronics, so that both the integration of both and the testing of the product is carried out from the earliest stages of development.

Second characteristic

Our experience in the field of the Internet of Things (IOT) and the development of our own products, has allowed us to generate a great knowledge of the environment, as well as having created a multitude of electronic blocks able to mesh to solve your needs.

Third characteristic

Our solutions are therefore modular and scalable from conception, so you can benefit from greater agility in the development of these, as well as a higher level of control, as they are all tested in all types of environments.

Case Study: Electronic Development

In this case, our client carried out arduous assembly tasks of complex machines that distributed and controlled high power lines. An assembly of a machine required more than 300 cable connections with a section superior to 4mm2, which took more than 3 days of connections and tests, in addition to a percentage of material lost by human errors in the assembly.

Thanks to a printed circuit board (PCB) designed exclusively for our client not only made the work of the operators easier and reduced their workload, but also integrated various discrete and control components, so that security was increased of the final machinery. All this in a quality process, which established the need for power of each of the connections, ensuring their availability and longevity.


The result was a 95% reduction in time assembly of the devices, as well as a 85% reduction in lost materials by errors in the assembly.

So far our article

We encourage you to take a look at our catalogue to see that any challenge you present us with is an opportunity for us to open up new horizons and face new challenges. In the same way, you can contact us through our web form, telling us the details you want about your ideas or needs.