IoT Integral Technical Consultancy

Don't walk alone in such a complex and dynamic sector as the IOT sector.

AlfaIOT adds a high value to the consulting process by having extensive experience and knowledge in device integration and IOT product development.

Our Valo Proposalr

The IoT poses a new scenario of complexity in terms of devices capable of relating to each other and to humans. Once the first hype phase of the technology has been solved, the new developments focus on obtaining value from the data collected from the system and being able to act in an agile, safe and autonomous way on the physical devices that compose it.

At AlfaIOT we have deployed numerous IOT systems and we are aware of all the problems that exist when a system works, devices outside the coverage area, firmware updates that disable devices, server updates that introduce incompatibilities in the applications, etc. We know that once you have your product, implementing it is not trivial.

That's why you can rely on our experience to guide you in the best way to deploy your system, understand its limitations and solve them. We accompany you throughout the process of implementing your solution, offering quality technical assistance and close, to all your doubts.

Case Study: Consultancy

We have worked for numerous clients in which the peculiarities of each of the projects and the needs of the clients were differential factors. One of the cases we have carried out is that of a client who needed to carry out a series of small measurements on a large work surface.

After studying the case, an approach of the best technology to use was made, as well as the relevant coverage calculation to locate the antennas that received the data. In the same way, tasks were carried out to adapt the data models and protocols to be used, as well as to balance the workload of the servers, which had to be prepared for a possible punctual avalanche of data and periods without any input.


The result was a 15% saving in architecture compared to other alternatives at the time of installation, to which must be added a saving in the maintenance of operations, as this solution totally allowed data communication at no cost. In the same way, the part of the application was rescheduled so that the different clusters could start working depending on the load of the system.